Call for Proposals

SmartCow Transnational Access: Calls for Proposals

Free access to leading cattle research facilities in France, Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland and Denmark

SmartCow Transnational Access (TNA) Calls will provide the academic and industry communities with free access to a wide range of first-class dairy and beef cattle research facilities across Europe. Support from the SmartCow budget covers the operating costs of facilities, but not the external users’ own costs.

Overall, SmartCow TNA Calls will be able to support up to 30 research projects representing a total of 10.000 “cow-weeks” (number of animals * number of experimental weeks).

This section of the SmartCow website provides applicants with the following documents and information:

  • Rules regarding the operation of the TNA scheme and the selection of projects (Procedural Manual);
  • Application forms for the two stages of the call
  • Data Protection Notice for the processing of applicants’ personal data;
  • Descriptions of Facilities Available for TNA Projects
  • Priority Research Areas

There will be three SmartCow TNA calls for proposals – the first was launched on July 2018, while the second is actually open and the third will be open in April 2020.

The SmartCow Access Management Team is available to provide advice on any aspect of the scheme; please contact them by email ( forwards to them all) or individually: