SmartCow Kick-Off Meeting @ INRA research centre of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Feb 19 – Feb 21 all-day

The SmartCow Kick-off Meeting (KoM) was held during month 1 of the project (19-21 February 2018) and it was hosted by INRA research centre of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, France.

A presentation and a visit of the research infrastructure “Herbipôle” was organised to give the opportunity to the attendees to see the “real life” of a cattle research infrastructure belonging to the SmartCow consortium.

The SmartCow kick-off meeting brought together more than 60 persons. The 14 partner organisations were represented as well as 10 stakeholder organisations and 2 members from the Scientific Advisory Board attended the meeting. It was the opportunity to officially launch the project in the presence of representatives of the European Commission, of the French Ministry of Research and of the scientific direction of INRA.
The whole meeting was held in plenary session in order to give opportunity to everybody to have a global view of the project and to take note of all aspects of the project. Each session or workshop was organised to have at least one third of the time devoted to discussion. Three main results were achieved at the end of kick-off meeting:

1) A concrete planning of the tasks to be conducted during the first year of the project and how to implement them;
2) A better identification of the interactions between tasks and WPs and how to implement them to foster synergies within the project;
3) First discussions with the stakeholders to make the project known and to integrate their needs; with members of the scientific advisory board to collect their advice on the project.

During the wrap-up session, the specific tasks to be achieved rapidly were summarized and the list of deliverables and milestones to be produced during the first year of the project was reminded.


First SmartCow Stakeholders meeting @ Brussels, Belgium
Jun 5 @ 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

A first meeting of the Stakeholder platform was held in Brussels on June 5th

Promotion of transnational access and dissemination of SmartCow outcomes and innovations for maximum impact will be supported by a Stakeholder Platform at national and EU levels. The potential Stakeholders of SmartCow are key players and experts in the field of sustainable agriculture, animal nutrition, genetics, health and welfare, farming technologies, climate impacts; from industry, advisory bodies, farmers’ organisations, NGOs, policy makers. The objectives of Stakeholders’ commitment in SmartCow are to ensure i) that the results of the SmartCow project have maximum impact and that methodologies and tools are broadly disseminated and appropriated throughout the cattle production chain and ii) the relevance of activities for the pre- and post-farm gate industries, advisory bodies, farmers’ organisations…

The first meeting of the stakeholder platform in Brussels was the opportunity to consult European stakeholders on the research priorities for the TNA calls, on the dissemination and the exploitation plan of the project, on the proposed catalogue of training and study tours. The contribution of stakeholders to the dissemination of SmartCow methods and results as well as their direct implications in TNA activities were also discussed. A wide list of research priorities was built that covers:

  • Efficient use of feed resources
  • Mitigation options to reduce GHG and other emissions
  • Efficient and robust animals, adaptation to climate change
  • Animal health and welfare
  • Product quality
  • Precision cattle farming
  • Phenotyping and monitoring tools: biomarkers, sensors
  • Comprehensive behavioural, digestive and metabolic physiological studies in cattle
SmartCow Session – EAAP 69th Annual Meeting 2018 @ Dubrovnik, Croatia
Aug 27 @ 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
SmartCow Session - EAAP 69th Annual Meeting 2018 @ Dubrovnik, Croatia

The EAAP annual meeting will be held on 27th – 31st August 2018 at Valamar Resort, in Dubrovnik, Croatia. SmartCow representatives will join this important event to present the project.

SmartCow project integrates key European cattle research infrastructures to promote their coordinated use and development and will provide the academic and private research communities with easy access to 11 major research infrastructures from 7 countries.

The session n. 6 “Introducing the SmartCow infrastrucure project” will be held on 27th August from 8:30 to 12:30, at Hotel President, room Olipa 2.

The agenda will be:



“SmartCow: integration research infrastructures to foster innovation in the European cattle sector”

R. Baumont, R. Dewhurst, B. Kuhla, C. Martin, L. Munksgaard, C. Reynolds, M. O’Donovan, A. Rosati


Transnational access to leading European cattle research facilities in the EU project SmartCow

B. Esmein, R. Dewhurst, L. Munksgaard, R. Baumont


SmartCow’s training and capacity building activities

P. Dumonthier, B. Esmein, R. Baumont


Stakeholders engagement in SmartCow

F. Macherez, B. Esmein, R. Baumont


See you in Dubrovnik!

SmartCow Project at International Symposium on the Nutrition Herbivores 2018 (ISNH) @ Clermont-Ferrand, France
Sep 5 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

The International Symposium on the Nutrition of Herbivores (ISNH) is an international scientific conference that addresses a whole range of issues linked to the nutrition of herbivores in production systems or in the wild. The 10th edition will be hosted by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and will be held from 2nd to 6th September 2018 in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

INRA and SRUC, as representatives of SmartCow consortium, will present the project on 5th September 2018 from 17:30 to 18:30, room 662.

The main topics will be:

  • General presentation of SmartCow (René Baumont – project’s coordinator, INRA, France)
  • Research activities in SmartCow (Cécile Martin – INRA, France)
  • Transnational access to SmartCow research infrastructures (Richard Dewhurst – SRUC, UK)

SmartCow project is also one of the sponsor of the event.

For more information and the full programme please visit the ISNH website.

Study Tour at Scotland’s Rural College @ Scotland's Rural College (SRUC)
Mar 5 – Mar 6 all-day

Study tour at Scotland’s Rural College – SRUC (UK), 5th and 6th March

If you are a stakeholder, scientist, technician or student in cattle production, from any EU country…

If you feel concerned about issues of innovations to improve feed efficiency, reduce GHG emissions and improve the welfare of beef cattle…

If you want to visit beef and dairy facilities and meet scientists of SRUC in Scotland

If you want to learn about the EU funded SmartCow project and how you can contribute to it…


… the SmartCow project invites you to a free study tour at Scotland’s Rural College 

Download the program here

Register here

Discover the complete SmartCow Training program

SmartCow Project at ICAR 2019 Conference @ Prague Congress Centre
Jun 17 – Jun 21 all-day
SmartCow Project at ICAR 2019 Conference @  Prague Congress Centre

The ICAR 2019 Conference will be held in Prague from 17th to 21st June 2019.

SmartCow project will make a general communication describing the project and will present what it has started to develop concerning phenotyping:

Smartcow’s improvements to recording of phenotypes:

  • Contribution to the unification of methods and protocols across Europe
  • Improvement of recording, interoperability and analysis of data thanks to a cloudbased data-platform
  • Improvement of ontologies for bovine phenotypic traits and environment conditions parameters

The communication will take place in Session n°1: “New Traits & Developments in Beef Cattle Breeding”.

For more information and the full programme please visit the conference website.