Fitter Livestock Farming

Smartcow participates with five other EU-funded projects (Feed-a-Gene, Image, Saphir, GplusE, GenTORE) in the CDB Fitter Livestock Farming, a joint tool created by the European Commission, with its financial support, and coordinated by Trust IT-Services. These six projects are closely related to each other, with similar objectives. The idea is to help them collaborating, developing synergies, and to organize both:

  • A pooling of the common developments, through a cooperation on the projects’ outcomes
  • A pooling of the stakeholders (helping them not to divide their attention between different similar initiatives)

This involves both the organization of cooperation events (exchange of expertise) and of joint communication events (dissemination of the common outcomes).

Joint tools: 

Fitter Livestock Farming logo:








Fitter Livestock Farming video:


Fitter Livestock Farming flyer:                                            









Fitter Livestock Farming roll up: