Country France
Institute INRA
Research Facility/Installation Herbipôle-Marcenat
Address INRA – Herbipôle, La Borie, F15190 Marcenat
Person responsible Pascal D’hour
Website www.ara.inra.frherbipole
Farm Type Experimental Farm
Stakeholder type Public
No. Technicians 10
No. Farm Staff 11
No. Researchers/Engineers 2
No. adminstration staff 1
No. other staff 2
Soil type volcanic andosols
Rainfall (mm) 1160
Altitude (m) 1000 to 1250
Total land area (ha) 390
Grassland area (ha) 390
Crops (ha) 0
Maize (Ha) 0
Grazing (Yes/No) Yes
Grazing Season Length (Days) 180
Enterprise (Dairy/Beef) Dairy
Feed Purchased (Yes/No) Yes
Type of feed purchased (if any) concentrate
Calving Season (Start month – end month) Oct – Apr
Animal genotyped (Yes/No) Yes
No. Dairy Cows 170
Dairy Cow breed Holstein and Montbeliarde
No. Beef Cows 0
Beef Cow Breed N/A
No. In-calf heifers 60
In-calf Heifer breed Holstein and Montbeliarde
No. Steers 0
Steer breed N/A
No. Bulls 0
Bull breed 0
No. Calves 60
Calf Breed Holstein and Montbeliarde
No. Canulated animals 0
Rumen/intestine/duodenum cannula/If other please list N/A
Dairy cow animal housing 168
Beef cow animal housing 0
Other animal animal housing loose housing barn for heifers and calves
Individual animal animal housing 0
No. Individual feed intake facility 72
Loafing area (Yes/No)
No. of animals loafing area can hold
Metabolisim facility (Yes/No)
No. Metabolism stalls
Milking facility in metabolism facility (Yes/No)
Make & model of metabolism milking facility
Holding Area(s) (Yes/No) Yes
Automated drafters (Yes/No) Yes
Make & model of automated drafters Delaval
Hoof crushes (Yes/No) Yes
Make & model of hoof crushes
Make & model of bale handling facilities
Artifical Insemination (AI) Crush (Yes/No) Yes
AI Crush make & model  facilities
Automated holding crush  (Yes/No) No
Automated crush make & model N/A
Manual holding crush (Yes/No) Yes
Manual holding crush make & model
Does you institute have an Animal Welfare Body (Yes/No) Yes
Does your institute have a licence to perform experiments (Yes/No) Yes
Name of Ethical Licencing Body Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche
What procedures require ethical approval at your institute any procedure which brings out a pain >= introduction of a needle/isolation/regularly tethered or confined
For procedures your institute has identifed, is there an alternative procedure identified where animals are stressed. If Yes, please state No- procedure is not completed if animal is stressed
Ethics database format (e.g.Excel/Oracle) mysql
Ethics database central/individual storage Centralised database
Name of Individual responsible for ethics sample bank Delphine Caray
Onsite wet chemistry laboratory  to process blood samples (Yes/No) No
Onsite laboratory to process meat samples (Yes/No) No
Onsite wet chemistry laboratory  to process milk samples (Yes/No) No
Onsite wet chemistry laboratory  to process digestive system samples (Yes/No) No
Onsite laboratory to process calorimeter/metabolism samples (Yes/No) No
Onsite wet chemistry laboratory  to diet/feed samples (Yes/No) No
Onsite wet chemistry laboratory  to process DMI samples (Yes/No) No