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General information

  • Country: France
  • Institute: INRAE
  • Research Facility/installation: Herbipôle-Marcenat
  • Farm type: Experimental Farm
  • Stakeholder type: Public
  • Address: INRAE - Herbipôle, La Borie, F15190 Marcenat
  • Website:
  • Primary Contact Person: Pascal D'hour

Site characteristics

  • Climate: Temperate
  • Total land (ha): 390
  • Grazing land (ha): 390
  • Grazing season length (days): 180
  • Enterprise: Dairy


  • Number of dairy cows: 170
  • Dairy cow breed: Holstein and Montbeliarde
  • Number of suckler cows: 0
  • Suckler cow breed: N/A
  • Number of steers: 0
  • Steer breed: N/A

Research equipment

  • Individual feed intake facility: yes
  • Metabolism facility: No
  • Greenhouse gas measurement: Yes (SF6 / Greenfeed)
  • Digestion facilities: No
  • Grazing studies equipment: Yes
  • Behavioural monitoring: YesRumination activity, Pedometer, Lameness)

Ethical aspects

  • Animal Welfare body: Yes
  • Licence to perform experiments: Yes
  • Name of the ethical licence body: Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche

Laboratory facilities

  • Capacity to process blood sample: No
  • Capacity to process meat sample: No
  • Capacity to process milk sample: No
  • Capacity to process digestive system sample: No
  • Capacity to process calorimeter/metabolism sample: No
  • Capacity to process diet/feed sample: No
  • Capacity to process DMI sample: No