Second TNA call is launched!

SmartCow Transnational Access: Second Call for proposals launched

Free access to the leading European cattle research facilities

We are pleased to announce the launch of the second call for proposals for Transnational Access (TNA) within the SmartCow project. The TNA call makes available cattle research facilities of SmartCow partners for research by academic or industry colleagues from other (mainly EU) countries. There are 18 research installations in seven countries, covering a range of cattle types managed in diverse husbandry and feeding systems. They include the most advanced animal science technologies applied to cattle in the fields of nutrition, physiology, ethology and animal husbandry.

Successful bidders will receive funding to cover the operating costs of facilities, but not their own costs.

A special section of the SmartCow website provides more detail about the TNA call:

  • Rules regarding the operation of the scheme and selection of projects
  • Data Protection Notice for the processing of personal data
  • Descriptions of facilities available for TNA projects*
  • Priority research areas*

*Note that there is most availability of facilities remaining at Teagasc (Moorepark dairy facilities), IRTA (dairy facilities), SRUC (dairy and beef facilities; respiration chambers), FBN (including respiration chambers and facilities for physiology and behavioural studies) and INRA Le Pin (dairy and beef facilities).

We have adopted a two-stage application process with initial short pre-proposals allowing us to check eligibility of project teams and availability of facilities before teams add more detail about the proposed work at the full proposal stage.

The deadlines for the second TNA call are as follows:

1st stage application (pre-proposal) deadline: 30th June 2019

2nd stage application (full proposal) deadline: 30th September 2019


Applications must be made online through the submission portal:


The SmartCow Access Management Team is available to provide advice on any aspect of the scheme; please contact them by email ( forwards to them all) or individually:

We anticipate a further call for proposals launching in April 2020.