Objectives and Benefits

Stakeholders of Smartcow are key players and experts in the field of sustainable agriculture, animal nutrition, genetics, health and welfare, farming technologies, climate impacts… from industry, advisory bodies, farmers’ organisations, NGOs, policy makers, academia.

SmartCow has different levels of interactions with stakeholders:

A European stakeholder Platform, meeting once a year in Brussels, composed of 14 EU representatives of branch organisation

10 national workshops will be organised by partners on their research infrastructures’ premises according to the following provisional schedule:
France:                                       Feb. 2018
UK:                                              Mar. 5th-6th, 2019
Spain:                                          May 7th 2019
Denmark:                                   Sep. 1st 2021 (Open House Day)
Ireland:                                      Sep. 14th – 16th 2021 (Open Day)
Germany:                                   To be defined
France:                                       Oct. 7th 2021 (Sommet de l’élevage)
Belgium:                                     Nov. 23rd 2021
The Netherlands:                     Jan. 14th 2022

  • South, East-EU countries, international stakeholders. In 2019, SmartCow has planned the following workshops:
    ICAR conference:                                                     June 17-21, 2019, Prague
    EAAP conference:                                                    Aug. 26-30, 2019, Ghent
    International Symposium Rum. Physiology      Sept. 3-6 2019, Leipzig
    CDB-ATF conference:                                             Nov. 6th, 2019, Brussels

The objectives of Stakeholders’ commitment in Smartcow

  • Ensure that the results of the SmartCow project have maximum impact and that methodologies and tools are broadly disseminated and appropriated throughout the cattle production chain
  • Ensure relevance of activities for the pre- and post-farm gate industries, advisory bodies, farmers’ organisations…
  • Enlarge the network and prepare for a SmartCow advanced community

Benefits for Stakeholder:

  • Obtain regular information, updates on progress, outcomes, results, methodologies, information on research infrastructures facilities
  • Contribute to the definition of the research priorities of TNA calls, trainings and study tours adapted to their needs;
  • Contribute to dissemination among European stakeholders
  • Direct participation in Transnational Access calls (TNA), Trainings: physical (on RIs) & on-line (no tuition fees), Study tours

Testimonies from stakeholders

  • We are a French company working in animal nutrition. Our main activity is to provide feed additives and services for feed manufacturers towards nutritional systems in the EU, US, Japan and so on. We think that feed efficiency is one of the keys to improve the sustainability of farms”. Massoud Aoun, IDENA
  • “We are a small French breeding company, grouping 2,000 farmers, focused on cereals, vegetable seeds and feed seeds. We are focused on feed efficiency and animal nutrition. We are happy to find in Smartcow access to some research facilities at EU level, easy to identify for private companies…” Benoît Delord, LIMAGRAIN
  • For the animal breeding industry, building infrastructure will be appreciated, doubts on how they can contribute. Industry will also be very interested to contribute to building proxies on feed efficiency and methane emissions since they are working on it”. Jan Venneman, EFFAB / FABRE TP
  • “Interbev is a funder for research projects. It is important for Interbev and its members to benefit of information and findings from SmartCow and have access to SmartCow database/data. Interbev will support the dissemination activities among its members who will be intested in applying to the SmartCow TNA call and take part in trainings”. Hélène Chardon, INTERBEV
  • “We are a company grouping actors in the animal sector. We work on animal welfare, genetics, feed efficiency, etc. Smartcow is an ambitious project. It is very important for us to have a map of RIs in Europe. We may be interested in TNA calls as co-financer”. Carine Capel, APIS-GENE
  • We can contribute to bring more animal welfare training or awareness. Try to bring a little bit of perspective in how things are evolving in terms of interest in measuring animal welfare and the sustainability goals. Expectations in terms of standardization is a big thing in any field in industry, it is how I feel the project is very strong”. Ines Ajuda, CIWF
  • “ATF encourages a large sharing of data among researchers and industries to speed up research and innovation. Smartcow will offer a sound platform to consortium for projects grouping academia and industries”. Florence Macherez, Animal Task Force
  • “The international GRA-GHG has identified an initiative on greenhouse gases called “GHG Nexus” with an aim to combine ERA-GAS and SusAn (ERANET calls). GRA-GHG would like to elaborate more on how we can combine SmartCow work with greenhouse gases initiatives launched by countries that are not part of the SmartCow consortium”. Jan Dijkstra, Global Research Alliance on GHG
  • “Although SmartCow is an infrastructure project the topics of Smartcow are related to societal challenges. Therefore, for policy makers, multi-actor approach is very important”. Jean-Charles Cavitte, DG Agri

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