10 national workshops will be organised by partners on their research infrastructures’ premises according to the following provisional schedule:
UK:                                               5th-6th Mar. 2019
Spain:                                          7th May 2019
Germany:                                   11th March 2020 (back to back to Annual Meeting)
The Netherlands:                      Oct. 2020
Belgium:                                     20th Nov. 2020
France:                                        Dec. 2020
Denmark:                                   Feb. 2021 (back to back to Annual Meeting)
Ireland:                                       5th Apr. 2022

1. SRUC national workshop: 5th-6th March 2019 at SRUC in Scotland (UK)

The 1st national workshop was held on 5th-6th March 2019 at SRUC in Scotland (UK). It has been a great opportunity to meet the scientists, visit the infrastructures of SRUC and learn about the SmartCow project.

The following presentations were given:

2. SmartCow at symposium of Interprofessional Association for Agronomic Development the 7th May 2019 in Zaragoza (Spain)

The Interprofessional Association for Agronomic Development (AIDA) organized every two years a Symposium in Zaragoza (Spain) to discuss about the new research proposed by several animal scientist groups in Spain. Smart Cow had the opportunity to present a poster during the two symposium days, and Marta Terré explained to the attendees during the poster session, mainly animal science researchers, the main objectives of SmartCow, the TNA call that was ready to be launched and the feed efficiency webinars scheduled for the next autumn. Most of the attendees did not know about the project, they were interested in the kind of joint research that will be developed during the project, and researchers from other research specie areas (pigs and food technological plants) were interested in the call to try to create a research infrastructure network in their areas. For the symposium, we translated the official roll-up to Spanish, and throughout the duration of the project, the roll-up is exposed at IRTA entrance.