Success rates TNA calls

The Transnational Access (TNA) programme of SmartCow makes available cattle research facilities of SmartCow partners for research by academic or industry colleagues from other (mainly EU) countries. Successful bidders receive funding to cover the operating costs of facilities.

We have now completed three application rounds, with the following numbers of applications and success rates:



Number of full applications Number selected for support

1 (2018)


13* 11*

2 (2019)


16 7

3 (2020)


9 5

*One of these studies was a multi-site study requesting TNA at 3 sites

Projects selected for support in round 3 include work on diet components for methane mitigation; amelioration of heat stress; mineral nutrition of cows; methane measurement techniques; and technological properties of milk from grazing dairy cows.

Many of the early projects are now completed.  An additional call, the fourth call, closed on 16th November and applications are under review with decisions expected in January 2021.